There’s no place like Facebook.

The situation

Our client Hubzu challenged us to find a solution that helps real estate investors keep a closer eye on their bids so they don’t lose the properties they want. Retargeting them on Facebook seemed like the right fit, but at the time Facebook’s dynamic product ads could only pull in products, not properties. Facebook also couldn’t bring in location. And it’s no secret that in the real estate industry, location is everything.

The solution

Together we created and tested a new XML feed to pull in properties and locations dynamically. Now we could tag properties that people clicked on and serve them on Facebook. This helped Hubzu remind investors to update their bids and helped investors act fast so they didn’t miss out.

The results

By testing one of the first-ever dynamic property ads for real estate we unlocked some impressive results. An unprecedented 33% of all successful property auction bids came from Facebook. We also saw a 58% better cost-per-bid than all other remarketing placements. Not to mention, we helped Facebook create a whole new product. Talk about driving it home.

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