PPL Electric Utilities

What happens when Mom gets involved? The money truck pulls up.

The situation

PPL Electric Utilities came to us with a conundrum: When it comes to reducing usage with energy-efficient incentives, it would seem like PPL’s customers would be a sure bet. Not quite. So, it was clear that DRUM first had to up the client’s awareness game.

The next challenge was to find a way to get people sufficiently excited and engaged to make the switch to an energy-efficient lifestyle. How could we make our customers as geeked out about green living as we are?

The solution

Our solution was to find a bunch of solutions. We came at the brand awareness beast from many different angles.

DRUM developed a marketing database from PPL business account information, appended SIC codes and other data sources. This database — the Knowledge Platform — formed the foundation of our marketing efforts. With the help of the Knowledge Platform, we segmented business customers and identified the sectors that would benefit the most from efficiency improvements. They were targeted with rebates, discounts and tips via direct mail, print, digital and DRTV, all highlighting local success stories.

Then, we got Mom involved. DRUM established a network of relevant, influential mommy bloggers (i.e., couponers, frugal living enthusiasts, etc.) and connected them to a central hub called Project Envolve. Each month, bloggers were sent missions that pushed them to find fun, creative ways to integrate common energy tips into their lives. The bloggers shared their stories with their readers, but also funneled views to the Project Envolve website. Sponsored by PPL, this freshly minted community allowed readers to discover how the other program bloggers tackled the mission, find shareable energy efficiency content and access a list of energy tips.

The results

This new big-picture, high-awareness lifestyle strategy increased performance across many different metrics. Now, we have to keep the details under our hat. (Our client prefers to maintain confidentiality about the numbers. We get it.) But what we can tell you is that DRUM succeeded in fueling a grass-roots community organically and inspired customers to make energy-efficient lifestyle changes.

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