How to Get Your Brand to Produce More Content

by Michael Cruz, 15 May 2019

Does this sound familiar to you?

You hear in meetings that your brand needs more video content.
You read online that your audience watches endless amounts of video every week.
You see a best practices report that says the social platforms your brand is on should be fed even MORE VIDEO CONTENT.

The need for content feels overwhelming, right?

Most brands are producing video, but the amount they’re producing pales in comparison to the amount they need. Some are lucky enough to have an internal team, but if you’re like most brands you’re struggling to piece together the right internal resources to regularly and efficiently create video.

If in-house resources aren’t meeting your content needs, it might be time to look into an outside content studio. Here are a few of the best ways to structure that relationship to meet your needs.

The Best Ways To Leverage A Content Studio

Consulting On Workflow And Helping To Launch Your Team

Let’s say your company has invested in creating its own content team, but are struggling with how to organize it. You might want to consider hiring a content studio for consultation. A studio’s expert producers and strategists will meet with your team to help you scale. They can advise on workflow, governance and technology to make sure your team is operating as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

A content studio can also advise on publishing standards, ideal tone, voice and aesthetic and the production process for bringing the content you envision to life.

What it’s best for: Getting your internal team off the ground and on the right path.

Augmenting Your In House Team

Let’s say your company has invested in creating its own content team, but they’re struggling to meet deadlines between you and other stakeholders. Looking to a content studio to support your needs on a monthly basis is a great approach. This model works really well when you can define exactly what your content needs are per month. For example, if you need one video per week, you can hire a studio that designates a team just for you that manages the entire process. Additional animators, writers and editors can help you execute the content you already have slated to be produced, taking the weight off internal resources.

What it’s best for: Improving production speed and increasing the efficiency of internal teams.

Opening The Door To New Execution Styles

Now let’s say your team needs to create a piece of content that is not within their wheelhouse, like live action, day-long shoots, or 3D animation. A full service content studio is an excellent way to get the most bang for your buck. Not only can the content studio deliver on your vision, but they also have the experience to advise on how you can really stretch budget without sacrificing quality.

On top of that, really good content studios are pros at lifting assets from one deliverable and turning it into assets you can use elsewhere, outside of the video. These could be social cut downs, or lifted graphical assets to use across a broader campaign.

What it’s best for: Stretching the executional capabilities of your internal team as efficiently as possible.

Producing, Distributing And Measuring Your Campaigns

Setting up a retainer with an agency can seem like a big endeavor. But it might be the smartest choice if you don’t have the resources to manage the entire process—from ideation and distribution, to measurement and optimization. The retainer model works well when you and your partner work together on a content calendar and the studio can manage your brands content across platforms for consistency and performance.

What it’s best for: Having a holistic, strategic partner take your content programs to the next level by managing your brand’s content ecosystem.

One thing is for sure, content will continue to be a draw for your audience. If you’re feeling the pressure of content production, it might be time to look into working with a content studio.