Direct Marketing

Using direct mail to reactivate online customers

by Rosann Bartle, 22 Sep 2017

Direct Mail is an effective marketing channel for financial products and services. However, we recently helped one of our predominantly online financial clients test a novel use of the direct mail channel: to re-engage dormant online customers.

The results have been promising. Since this client doesn’t utilize direct mail very often, they’ve found that customers find mailings intriguing — and they open them.

The tactic of using a standard business letter or an official-looking format can make these mailers even more effective, since customers assume it is something important related to their account. Using engagement techniques such as a tipped-on card or personalized information can also help lift response.

There are a number of mail strategies you can adopt to target your inactive online customers — and direct mail , like online marketing, is ideally suited to refinement through testing variables including frequency, messaging, offers, and cross-channel communications (email, telemarketing).

But perhaps the greatest insight we received from this exercise was the effectiveness of a fresh approach. Just because it’s an online company, we don’t always have to communicate online. In this case, going offline and into the mailbox was the best way to get noticed.

Go outside the comfort zone. Don’t simply do things a certain way because they’ve always been done that way. If you want different results — do different things.

These days, we have more channels than ever to reach our customers. That makes it easier than ever to try different approaches—and it behooves us to explore all of the opportunities available to our clients and us.