YouTube for Nonprofits

by Virginia Doty, 15 May 2018

Whether you want to create an informative video, raise money for your organization, grow your audience, connect with people emotionally or simply create content while having fun, YouTube for Nonprofits offers many ways to engage with supporters. Here are some tips to help get you started.

Why YouTube for Nonprofits?

YouTube has the largest viewing audience in the world, with 1.5 billion users worldwide, each averaging over an hour of watching every day. This means that the chances of getting noticed are great!

As a nonprofit, the goal is not to become viral, but to focus on producing great content that helps you connect with your audience. Here are 5 essential ways to increase your social impact on YouTube:

  • Shareability: Encourage people to pass along your videos to a network of supporters by being relatable and valuable. Make sure the content of your videos contains relevant topics. It will increase viewers’ interests in your videos and the likelihood they will share them.
  • Discoverability: We all want our videos to be at the top of the search results. Try using classic content and trending topics. For example, create simple how-tos and tutorials. When popular topics increase traffic to YouTube, your video will be seen as a “related video.”
  • Consistency: Post often or on a regular basis so viewers can look forward to your next videos. This will build loyal subscribers and supporters.
  • Community: Speak directly to your audience and get them asking questions. Ask viewers to comment or share stories in the comments section. These comments can turn into ideas for future videos. Another way you can involve the community is by making your audience the stars of your videos. Celebrating and including your supporters will make them feel acknowledged and motivated to share with others. You can also include previous donors in your videos, explaining why they chose to support your organization. This may encourage viewers to do the same!
  • Sustainability: Maintain the attention of your audience. Create shorter videos between longer videos to hold the audience’s attention while your next big piece is in progress. We want them to stick around as long as possible!

Once you’ve got all of your winning content put into a video, you’ll need to post! Before you make the video live, here are a few additional steps to take that will help reach viewers and build awareness:

  • Create a title for your video that’s captivating — something that screams, “watch me!” Arrange it with keywords first and branding last. For example, our client Wounded Warrior Project created this captivating title on one of their videos: “100,000 veterans served – Wounded Warrior Project hits incredible milestone”. Notice how they started with an interesting fact and keywords first, then included their name in the second part of the title.
  • Your video description should accurately reflect the message and content of your video. Highlight the mission with a tagline. Make sure to include where and how to donate in the description, a link to subscribe, and your organization’s website for more information. Also encourage viewers to share the video. However, make sure that the description is not too long — keep it short and sweet and easy to read.
  • Add tags with popular keywords to increase traffic to your video.
  • Include a donate button on your organization’s channel homepage, so it is seen immediately. The easier it is for people to donate, the more inclined they will feel to do so.

It's that simple! Follow the tips above, and you're sure to become a YouTube pro in no time. Remember, creating videos on a regular basis allows you to experiment with different strategies. Learn what works for your audience and have fun creating engaging and inclusive content for them. The possibilities are endless with YouTube for Nonprofits!

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